A drone hidden in a smartphone will soon be a reality

The manufacturer Vivo has filed patents for the creation of a smartphone that houses a mini-drone. The goal: to allow you to take pictures and film from a few meters high.

Today, drones and smartphones are everywhere and have become flagship products, one of whose main attractions is not to call, or fly, but to film and take pictures. Vivo has decided to combine the two worlds with a smartphone that hides a real quadricopter drone to take pictures from above.

Probably straight from the imagination of a James Bond or Mission Impossible fan, the sketches posted online by LetsgoDigital show a drone that comes to hide on the top edge of the smartphone, and seems to be available with a simple touch. According to the patents, it therefore includes four propellers, three infrared sensors, two cameras and its own battery.

Two cameras, three infrared sensors

One of the cameras faces forward while the other faces up. The infrared sensors will help to avoid obstacles, and we imagine that all this is tiny, and therefore very fragile to fit in a smartphone. Even the smallest current drone is bigger than a smartphone…

Not to mention that the use of a drone requires compliance with regulations, and that it will probably be necessary to limit the height to three or four meters to enjoy it. It is not certain that these mini propellers can take it high. What is certain is that we can already take selfies with “dronies”, mini-drones designed to replace selfie poles. For this to be directly integrated into a smartphone, see you maybe in 10 or 20 years…

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Our selection of the best drones in 2020

Drones have many uses: from professional video to family entertainment, from parcel delivery to pizza delivery, they are likely to change our daily lives in a few years. These very business uses are interesting, but today drones are mainly used to take beautiful pictures during your holidays. For the moment, despite some efforts by Parrot, particularly with the Anafi, the market is dominated by DJI. You will see this in our selection.

DJI Ryze Tello

The DJI Ryze Tello is a drone primarily dedicated to beginners and a young audience. Indeed, the drone is light (80 grams), it holds in hand (9.80 x 9.25 x 4.10 cm), and it offers an educational side, it can be programmed with Scratch, a coding system accessible to children. 5-megapixel camera, capable of filming videos in 720p 30 fps, an autonomy of 13 minutes, a maximum speed of 8 meters per second, and a range of 100 meters maximum. It incorporates many features such as automatic take-off and landing and the execution of tricks such as flips.

DJI Mavic Mini

The DJI Mini is a replacement for the famous Spark. The Mavic Mini is the manufacturer’s “value for money” solution. As its name suggests, it relies above all on its small size to convince, thanks in particular to its retractable feet for easy transport. Folded up, it fits in 140 x 82 x 57 mm and weighs only 249 grams. But that’s not his only argument.

The object is, in fact, well balanced. Its camera doesn’t shoot in 4K but 2.7K. This is of little interest as such, but the extra pixels make it possible above all to crop the image to obtain a digital zoom in Full HD. 4K is always better, but as a leisure drone for the average person, you can do without it. The image quality is excellent. It is not perfect, but the rendering is frankly satisfactory.

DJI Mavic Air

The Mavic Air is halfway between the DJI Spark and the DJI Mavic Pro. It has a 2375 mAh battery that gives it a 21 minutes autonomy, 8 GB of internal storage, a USB-C port, a camera with 12 megapixels 1.2/3 CMOS sensor that allows recording videos in 4K UHD with 30 fps or Full HD/HD with 120 fps.

It also has the same gesture functions as the DJI Spark. It can avoid obstacles and take horizontal, vertical, or 360° panoramas. If you want to know more about the DJI Mavic Air, please check out our test, where it was rated 9 out of 10.

DJI Mavic 2

At the end of August, DJI then presented its new range of Mavic 2 drones. Concerning the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom, it is equipped with a camera with an optical zoom. It is thus possible to go from a focal length of 24 mm to a zoom x2 to 48 mm. Besides, this new drone is equipped with a 1/2.3-inch sensor and can capture 12-megapixel shots and can film in 4K at 100 Mb/s with the H.265 codec.

As for the DJI Mavic 2 Pro model, it has a 1-inch sensor that can capture 20-megapixel shots. It does not offer a zoom lens, but the camera, designed in partnership with Hasselblad, allows the focal aperture to be set between f/2.8 and f/11. It also allows 4K video to be captured with a 10-bit color profile.…

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EHang, a flying taxis specialist, targets $100 million for its entry into Nasdaq

EHang, a Chinese start-up developing flying taxis, wants to enter the Nasdaq, the second-largest stock market in the United States. The young company wants to raise $100 million on this occasion. EHang has already performed more than 2000 test flights around the world to ensure that its autonomous flying vehicle technology is safe. In February 2018, the Chinese unveiled its new EHang 216 vehicle: this flying taxi has two seats, is equipped with 16 rotors, and has already performed flight demonstrations.

EHang wants to achieve the first commercial deployment

The start-up, which was founded in 2014, hopes to deploy the first commercial service of a low-level air transport network for people and goods in Canton (or Guangzhou) in China. EHang received regulatory approval last August and will help local authorities build a command and control center to safeguard and secure the flying vehicles. First, EHang will deploy a pilot to test different routes and “vertiports” from which its aircraft can take off and land. Beyond people, EHang wants to transport goods such as blood or organs for medical emergencies.

EHang had already raised $42 million in Series B in 2015. However, even if it markets professional drones in parallel with the development of its transport service, it is not profitable. It posted net losses of $5.5 million for the first half of 2019. Above all, EHang would be dependent on only a few customers and would derive 45% of its revenues from a single customer. In June 2019, the company would have received a down payment from two customers for 66% of its total balance, details The Verge. The company would, therefore, be severely impacted if these customers canceled orders or stopped buying Ehang’s products.

Solid competition

EHang stated in its IPO file that it had decided to withdraw from the American and German drone markets due to “intense competition.” The company also refers to the trade dispute between China and the United States to explain its decision. Its subsidiaries in these two countries have been declared bankrupt. The urban air mobility sector, for its part, has been booming in recent years. Many start-ups are trying to enter this market, which is also coveted by players in the VTC, automotive industry, aeronautics industry, and delivery companies.

However, nothing has yet been done. This sector could be strongly impacted in the event of an accident involving a flying taxi. It would inevitably lead to tighter regulation and a slowdown in the approval of these technologies by the population. EHang is aware of this and is striving, like other manufacturers, to test its technologies with as many people as possible.…

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All about drones in 2019

Initially, the term “drone” refers to drone anglicism. The noise emitted by a drone’s in-flight engine was reminiscent of the insect’s buzzing sound.

If there is one technology that has been quickly adopted by the general public, it is the technology of drones. Not a month goes by without these flying machines being in the news, and the diversity of applications continues to surprise.

The drone has become a common recreational object, and Parrot, a French pioneer in the field, initially had several great successes. However, it has had to deal with the appearance of competitors such as the Chinese DJI, currently the world leader with bestsellers such as the Mavic series. With the lightweight Anafi that captures 4K images, Parrot hopes to regain color. However, some significant players would be preparing to enter the dance scene, such as Apple or Tesla, and we can imagine what their impact would be on this market.

The rise of drones among the general public had become a matter of concern, as when nuclear power plants were overflown. In Japan, nets are used to catch uncontrolled gear, while in the United States they are shot without warning. The Dutch police have found an original parade: eagles trained to capture these intruders in flight! In France, legislation was defined in October 2016 and has significantly restricted the scope of uses: prohibition of flying over an individual, near protected areas such as airports, obligation to undergo training as soon as the weight of the drone exceeds 800 grams. The penalties are severe and include imprisonment.

The number of offered services is increasing

Some propose in particular to film your wedding from an airplane view, others to monitor crops such as livestock. For some time now, Amazon and others, such as DHL, have been seriously considering package delivery. In South Africa, these winged accessories are relied on to stop the infamy of poachers who attack rhinos.

It must be recognized that drones are also entrusted with less than great missions: if Saudi Arabia, the victim of a United States veto, has placed an order for Pterodactyl with the Chinese firm Chengdu Aircraft Corporation, it is with the objective of eliminating Yemeni targets. However, it has not been demonstrated at all that these blind shooters would be able to distinguish civilians and soldiers.

According to the FAA, which regulates air traffic in the United States, there will be seven million drones (commercial and recreational) sold in 2020, almost three times more than in 2016 (2.5 million)! In other words, we will have to get used to seeing a sky populated by these new types of flying objects.

An incredible diversity of applications is now entrusted to drones: assistance with archaeological excavations, flying over planets that are unfriendly to humans, personal transport, etc. And we also wanted to highlight some unexpected forms. We are not done being surprised.…

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The highly anticipated DJI Mavic 2 UAV is available in two versions

Despite all the precautions taken by the Chinese firm DJI, its Mavic 2 drone has been the subject of several leaks on the net over the past few months. I am going to give you some rather precise information about this powerful drone planned for sale at the end of July, but DJI postponed the release date to the end of Auguest.

It is important to mention that DJI is the international leader in recreational drones equipped with cameras for aerial photography.


Some details about the DJI Mavic 2 UAV


The latest leaks revealed more  on this new model with an ad dedicated to the Mavic 2.

Besides, DJI will offer the drone in two different versions. Each version will have its specificity. DJI Mavic 2 Zoom and DJI Mavic 2 Pro are the two versions of the Chinese manufacturer’s aircraft.


Details about the Mavic 2 Zoom and Mavic 2 Pro


mavic 2 proThe DJI Mavic 2 Zoom offers a 2x optical zoom to take advantage of the close-up. The DJI Mavic 2 Pro includes a Hasselblad camera with a one-inch sensor, all without zoom. The listing indicates the existence of a 360-degree “omnidirectional obstacle sensor.” Also, a top speed of 72 km/h is also mentioned for a flight time equivalent to 31 minutes.

The two drones change from transmitting a direct video stream of 1,080 p. They will be able to record the videos captured in 4K. Even if the manufacturer has not yet communicated the prices, they will undoubtedly fluctuate around 1,000 euros.


The technical improvements inherent in DJI’s Mavic 2 UAVs


The Mavic 2 is a small drone with high power and a transmission distance of 8 km or 5 miles. The maximum speed of 20 m/s or 45 mph.

Obstacle detection is available with APAS and Active Track 2.0 with Dolly Zoom reserved only for DJI Mavic 2 Zoom for a 24 – 48mm lens similar to the Parrot Anafi.


About the Chinese company DJI


DJI is the international leader in the creation and sales of recreational drones equipped with cameras and designed for aerial photography and video. Da Jiang Innovation or DJI also produces accessories such as camera fixers, propellers, batteries, etc.

The company also develops camera stabilizers. DJI’s flagship products are the DJI Phantom, Inspire, DJI SPARK, Spreading wings and Mavic drones. DJI drones are unique with a more extended range, higher speed, lighter weight and greater stability in the wind. Find them by consulting this article.…

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Parrot takes off again with their ANAFI drone.

While Parrot has let DJI take control of the UAV market in the last few years, they seem to be back with a new drone that aims to compete with DJI Mavic Air and other competitors in the same price range.

The ANAFI folds and unfolds quite quickly so that once wrapped; you can store it in length. In practice, it is easier to store in a bag. With an alloy of materials like carbon fiber and glass fiber, the Parrot ANAFI looks solid. With a weight of 320g, the drone is rather light.

ANAFI is his name, and the position that Parrot aims for is that of the drone that you can take everywhere with you. From beginner to the enthusiast, the Parrot ANAFI unfolds in just 3 seconds, and Parrot promises 20 seconds for the ANAFI to be in the air. From the first grip we had, everything was straightforward and much more accessible than a DJI, even a Spark.

The significant innovation concerns the camera which rests on a three-axis stabilizer by combining mechanical and software stabilization. However, the real particularity is to offer a 180° tilt (from -90° to +90°), which is a great first and will allow photographers to better frame according to their desires. The camera can also be tilted horizontally from -40° to +40° to stabilize the horizon. Digital stabilization provides +5° to -5° EIS in the direction of flight, facilitating high-speed travel.

As for multimedia, the Parrot ANAFI is the first UAV on the market to record 4K HDR videos at 30fps up to 100MBps. Note the possibility to record videos in 4K or UltraHD, purists will appreciate. In addition, in 1080p or 720p, up to 60fps can be recorded. For photos, a 21 Megapixel sensor will take the picture, and by cropping in the sensor, you can zoom in the video up to x2 in Full HD, x1.5 in 4K/UHD, and up to x2.8 by combining a digital zoom, all without quality loss. This zoom gives us a lens of 26-78mm in video and 23-69mm in the photo. Finally, the drone supports the RAW and Parrot-LOG video mode to facilitate post-production work.

We end with the new application FreeFlight 6 which takes everything we already knew with Bebop but new modes like a Hyperlapse mode, a Slow-motion mode or the Dolly-Zoom (the famous scene like in the Dents de la Mer for example). We look forward to testing it. On the other hand, no sensors to avoid obstacles or other like at DJI, but we’re Geek, only our pilot skills count, right?…

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Why do You Need a Camera Drone?

Drones – while you could use them everywhere from security to inspection, perhaps it’s its photography capabilities that are still yet unexplored. With camera drones, do the imaginable.

Take pictures from far out into the sky, and capture the world like never before. From panoramic views of the world to carrying custom payloads, there is a lot that you can do.

The key to having the right product, however, is to buy the one you need.

Camera Drones – What’s Special?


gsghsdthydrssgsgdsDrones don’t have someone steering it – instead, it works with a remote, and you can direct the flight of the drones to anywhere and everywhere. Essentially, you can call it a hovering robot. You can fly it by remote control, or you can run them through pre-designed and implemented software functions, allowing the vehicles to run on their own, based on the set programs.

The use of these vehicles has mostly been found in commercial purposes, till now. Activities such as delivery of pizzas, or searching for criminals are some of the areas where drones are already being used.

However, reports suggest that personal drones’ usage is also on the rise. Reports suggest that by 2022, the market for camera drones might be worth as much as $21.5 billion.

Why Go In For Camera Drones?


Now that you know what drones are, it’ll be easy for you to understand what a camera drone does.

A camera drone has a camera attached to the drone itself, allowing you to remotely take clicks of your preferred locations and objects. You aren’t just restricted to only clicking images, but by setting the right programs, you can also make videos.

The idea here is that you don’t need to move by yourself to the exact location to click the image of the object you want. By remotely controlling the vehicle you can have the images, which is nothing but aerial drone photography, allowing you to capture groundbreaking photos of places and objects.

Experience Photography Like Nothing Else

gsahgdthddhdCamera drones are a fantastic tool for the photography lovers. It is a whole new level for your profession, where you take your camera to places where it might otherwise be difficult to reach by yourself.

By fitting the camera tool to the drone vehicle, you can achieve it all. These hovering or lifting cameras can help you have a view of the earth below from a distance above, as you get to have a monitor in front of you to view what the camera is capturing.

– Get your iPad or smartphone and control your drone easily.

– Take photos and videos in HD

– Fly drones hundreds of feet away from you, many offering you with a great range.

– Carry in custom payloads with your drone – just choose the right one you need from our store.

– Experience fantastic photography with features that include targeted video, specialized images, and videos, and high quality, high definition pictures.

Unusual Things You Can Do With Quadcopters

That’s not all that you can do with your drone. Here are some of the other interesting things that makes drone aerial photography so much better.

– With UAV technology being integrated with cameras and photography, it is now possible for photographers to have a higher level of imaging, capturing different landscapes in more details.

– Take selfies to the next level, and post a ‘dronie’. It could be an image of yourself or the object or place you like, from some hundreds of feet above the ground, or even near to it – just as you like.…

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The Best Drone is the Drone That Suits Your Goals

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) or remotely-piloted aerial systems (rpas). They are small and light aircrafts that are mainly utilized in situations where regular manned flights are considered too risky or impossible. If you are looking for a quality drone in 2017-2018, we highly recommend you read this tableau comparatif multirotors. Their roles in enhancing agricultural productivity, surveillance, aerial photography, mapping, and adventures cannot in any way be downplayed.

Choosing the right drone

There is a staggering amount of drones on the market today. It calls for significant wisdom while attempting to choose the right one. Below are the some of the factors that ought to be considered while so doing:

Battery life

Drones are all powered by batteries. However, they do have different power ratings. It means that the overall life expectancy of their batteries varies from drone to drone. The best drone should be that one which has the highest power rating. This is to guarantee long-term reliability.

Range/flight time

It is the maximum distance that the drone may travel at any given time and for a given amount of battery power. It is expressed in meters. A good drone should be that one which is capable of reaching the most extended range possible.


They mainly perform their chores by taking photographs of their surrounding environments. To do so, they are fitted with cameras. The right drone has to have a camera that has a high resolution, longer range, night-time vision capability, zooming capability, right lens aperture, and good in-camera software.

Intended use

As has already been stated above, these equipment are used for different purposes. These include agriculture, surveillance, military, photography, adventure, and indeed, more besides! To suit the various unique purposes, each drone is structured and engineered uniquely. It means you have to ascertain your intended use before embarking on a purchase.

Obstacle avoidance

In case you intend to utilize the drone in difficult or steep terrain, it has to have this obstacle avoidance feature. This feature lets the drone detect and avoid obstacles. It can also be retrofitted for a small fee after purchase.


If photography or navigation inspire your purchase of a drone, then be sure that it has the gimbals. It is a built-in or retro-fitted device that is used to maintain the camera, chronometer, or compass of a drone in a horizontal direction. This way, they allow the drones to capture perfect photographs devoid of any interferences or distortions.

Integrated gps

The integrated gps is a feature that detects and lets you know where exactly you are in the world. It shows among others your elevation above sea level, your coordinates (longitudes and latitudes), and local time. It is especially significant if you intend to deploy the drone in extremely remote locations.


Several manufacturers are engaged in the field of drone manufacture. As of the year 2017, some of the top brands of drones are dji, syma, yuneec, and hubsan. It is because they manufacture high quality and reliable drones compared to other manufacturers. In your search for a reliable drone, consider giving them a top priority. The best drone in 2017 is, without a doubt, the dji mavic pro fly more combo.


Besides being able to carry out the standard functions, a nice drone has to be able to perform several other more intelligent functions. The two smartest of these features are the follow-me mode and the headless mode, respectively. The first one enables the drones to track and follow you. The second feature, on the other hand, is designed to expedite the operations of your drone.


The last and perhaps the most significant consideration is your budget. It is a comparison between the cost of the drone and your financial resource endowment. To get the best drone by this consideration, settle on a drone that is well within your means. Try also …

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Rook – The first drone connected to the internet

Rook is the world’s first drone that lets you use it from anywhere in the world. By connecting to the internet, Rook allows you to monitor and view the camera feed on your phone in real time.

Engineers launched rook from Northwestern University. They have noticed that all UAVs currently on the market require you to be close by to control them. Imperative that can be a little frustrating. With Rook, you directly connect it to your home’s Wi-Fi network and use it as a platform for different everyday needs.

Rook can be used as a security camera; a detection device integrated into your smart home, a camera to monitor your pet, baby, nanny, etc…. It will also allow you to make video visits to your house, to verify that you have closed the door, that you have turned off the cooking hobs, etc..

Rook is the first drone that connects to the Internet. You can connect from your office, gym, or anywhere else in the world… and anytime! Quite a change in usage compared to what is currently being done on the market. Today, users cannot program or implement flight routines inside. Rook was created to address these weaknesses.

With the basic package, Rook can broadcast videos. In the future, other packages will provide access to additional features such as security analysis, multi-user access, operating routines sent from the cloud, etc. As I was saying, Rook can be integrated with your smartphone’s existing systems and can be used for regular flight routines to inspect your home.

If you are interested in this drone connected to the Internet, go to IndieGogo. You can pre-order the drone from 179 dollars.

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From fishing drone to cage drone, the latest news from the CES in Las Vegas

It’s the drone fair in Nevada again. The Consumer Electronics Show, which opened on January 5th, offers its share of surprises and some daring.

Unchanged exhibition space, brand absentees (such as the Frenchman Parrot, who has been pale) and a world leader (DJI) are short on novelties. The harvest of drones in the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), a major international event for consumer electronics, was not necessarily announced under the best auspices. It was without counting on the innovation capacity of the outsiders. Thanks to them, the big show in Las Vegas generated its share of eccentricities, bold technical choices, and anti-conformist quadrocopters. Not to mention the professional drones, which are now becoming more numerous.

PowerRay, UAV fishing

fksfosncosbobovxsccxxxxxxIn 2016, it was Ehang’s giant drone, capable of carrying a person on board, that had caught the light. This year, the PowerRay is in charge of the show. Designed by the Chinese manufacturer PowerVision, which had already distinguished itself by designing the PowerEgg, a drone-egg, it is an aquatic drone. Its mission: to play pilot fish for high-tech fishing enthusiasts.

Designed as a mini-submarine for research, the PowerRay is connected to its pilot by a cable (it can go up to 30 m) which ensures the transmission of images captured by its camera and, incidentally, avoids losing it in the abysses… It tows, thanks to a flexible device, the wire of the fishing rod and goes in search of the fish it will be able to attract by depositing the fish. If the prey is ferrous, the line will detach, and the fisherman will only have to bring his catch back before recovering his drone.

The PowerRay can operate at sea, under the ice, and in a pond (provided that the waters are not cloudy), say its designers, who specify that “submerged” vision goggles called FPV (First Person View) are available. Marketing is expected this year at a rate of between 2,000 and 3,000 euros, says PowerVision. Which still makes the catch expensive.
It remains to be seen whether this intriguing innovation, which already excites technophile fishers – the others are raising their eyes to the sky – will be available sooner than the PowerEgg still awaited in Europe, a year after its presentation.

Kestrel, an original hybrid

In general, fixed-wing drones for agriculture are usually in the form of classic flying wings. The Kestrel of the American company Autel opts for an original technique. It presents itself as a small aircraft (its wingspan reaches 3.5 m), but its wings each carry two propellers, which allows it to make vertical take-offs and landings while retaining strong aerodynamic assets.

The Kestrel, which is intended for agriculture and the monitoring of large structures (pipelines, public works), can carry 2.5 kilos of payload in its nose and maintain two hours in flight to sweep 300 hectares.

Dobby (ZeroTech), pocket drone

qfkqfpnedfzpfiefzpoirzmmmmmmmThe concept of the foldable quadcopter always ready to use, inaugurated with some success by DJI’s Mavic (and much less by GoPro’s ephemeral Karma), makes little ones at CES. Let’s forget the Walkera Vitus, which outrageously copies the Mavic, to take an interest in the Zerotech Dobby.

Not very aesthetic, whether or not it is folded, its performance is acceptable (photos in 13 megapixels, videos in 1080 p) and it flies up to 20 m of altitude.
Its weight of 199g allows it to avoid the registration requirement imposed in the United States for UAVs over 250 g.…

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