A drone hidden in a smartphone will soon be a reality

new drone tech

The manufacturer Vivo has filed patents for the creation of a smartphone that houses a mini-drone. The goal: to allow you to take pictures and film from a few meters high.

Today, drones and smartphones are everywhere and have become flagship products, one of whose main attractions is not to call, or fly, but to film and take pictures. Vivo has decided to combine the two worlds with a smartphone that hides a real quadricopter drone to take pictures from above.

Probably straight from the imagination of a James Bond or Mission Impossible fan, the sketches posted online by LetsgoDigital show a drone that comes to hide on the top edge of the smartphone, and seems to be available with a simple touch. According to the patents, it therefore includes four propellers, three infrared sensors, two cameras and its own battery.

Two cameras, three infrared sensors

One of the cameras faces forward while the other faces up. The infrared sensors will help to avoid obstacles, and we imagine that all this is tiny, and therefore very fragile to fit in a smartphone. Even the smallest current drone is bigger than a smartphone…

Not to mention that the use of a drone requires compliance with regulations, and that it will probably be necessary to limit the height to three or four meters to enjoy it. It is not certain that these mini propellers can take it high. What is certain is that we can already take selfies with “dronies”, mini-drones designed to replace selfie poles. For this to be directly integrated into a smartphone, see you maybe in 10 or 20 years…