All about drones in 2019

Initially, the term “drone” refers to drone anglicism. The noise emitted by a drone’s in-flight engine was reminiscent of the insect’s buzzing sound.

If there is one technology that has been quickly adopted by the general public, it is the technology of drones. Not a month goes by without these flying machines being in the news, and the diversity of applications continues to surprise.

The drone has become a common recreational object, and Parrot, a French pioneer in the field, initially had several great successes. However, it has had to deal with the appearance of competitors such as the Chinese DJI, currently the world leader with bestsellers such as the Mavic series. With the lightweight Anafi that captures 4K images, Parrot hopes to regain color. However, some significant players would be preparing to enter the dance scene, such as Apple or Tesla, and we can imagine what their impact would be on this market.

The rise of drones among the general public had become a matter of concern, as when nuclear power plants were overflown. In Japan, nets are used to catch uncontrolled gear, while in the United States they are shot without warning. The Dutch police have found an original parade: eagles trained to capture these intruders in flight! In France, legislation was defined in October 2016 and has significantly restricted the scope of uses: prohibition of flying over an individual, near protected areas such as airports, obligation to undergo training as soon as the weight of the drone exceeds 800 grams. The penalties are severe and include imprisonment.

The number of offered services is increasing

Some propose in particular to film your wedding from an airplane view, others to monitor crops such as livestock. For some time now, Amazon and others, such as DHL, have been seriously considering package delivery. In South Africa, these winged accessories are relied on to stop the infamy of poachers who attack rhinos.

It must be recognized that drones are also entrusted with less than great missions: if Saudi Arabia, the victim of a United States veto, has placed an order for Pterodactyl with the Chinese firm Chengdu Aircraft Corporation, it is with the objective of eliminating Yemeni targets. However, it has not been demonstrated at all that these blind shooters would be able to distinguish civilians and soldiers.

According to the FAA, which regulates air traffic in the United States, there will be seven million drones (commercial and recreational) sold in 2020, almost three times more than in 2016 (2.5 million)! In other words, we will have to get used to seeing a sky populated by these new types of flying objects.

An incredible diversity of applications is now entrusted to drones: assistance with archaeological excavations, flying over planets that are unfriendly to humans, personal transport, etc. And we also wanted to highlight some unexpected forms. We are not done being surprised.