Rook – The first drone connected to the internet

Rook drone

Rook is the world’s first drone that lets you use it from anywhere in the world. By connecting to the internet, Rook allows you to monitor and view the camera feed on your phone in real time.

Engineers launched rook from Northwestern University. They have noticed that all UAVs currently on the market require you to be close by to control them. Imperative that can be a little frustrating. With Rook, you directly connect it to your home’s Wi-Fi network and use it as a platform for different everyday needs.

Rook can be used as a security camera; a detection device integrated into your smart home, a camera to monitor your pet, baby, nanny, etc…. It will also allow you to make video visits to your house, to verify that you have closed the door, that you have turned off the cooking hobs, etc..

Rook is the first drone that connects to the Internet. You can connect from your office, gym, or anywhere else in the world… and anytime! Quite a change in usage compared to what is currently being done on the market. Today, users cannot program or implement flight routines inside. Rook was created to address these weaknesses.

With the basic package, Rook can broadcast videos. In the future, other packages will provide access to additional features such as security analysis, multi-user access, operating routines sent from the cloud, etc. As I was saying, Rook can be integrated with your smartphone’s existing systems and can be used for regular flight routines to inspect your home.

If you are interested in this drone connected to the Internet, go to IndieGogo. You can pre-order the drone from 179 dollars.