See UTM in Action

Griffiss International Airport is pleased to host an open house and tour of their facility as part of UTM Convention 2016. Griffiss, in partnership with Lockheed Martin and NUAIR, will provide a demonstration of multiple large and small UAS that are currently used in firefighting and personnel search/extraction events.

Flight demonstrations will include the Indago quadcopter and Desert Hawk III fixed wing UAVs and optionally piloted versions of the K-MAX and S-76, both full scale helicopters.

The installed ground infrastructure, located in the NY UAS Test Site Operations Center, combines multiple radars and sensors to enable the tracking of manned and unmanned aircraft systems and will be operational to demonstrate the NY UAS test site's progress toward UAS Traffic Management (UTM).

The agenda for the day of the demonstration will include a one hour flight demonstration and 30 minutes for attendees to view the aircraft.

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